The Chargers are an athletic organization for homeschoolers. Each athlete's education must be PARENT DIRECTED and at least 51% of the athlete's course work must be provided at home. Additionally, athletes must:

  • live with their parent/legal guardian
  • not have competed as a Senior for any other school/homeschool program
  • not have participated in any form of a high school graduation ceremony

Additional requirements apply to any athlete that takes dual-enrollment courses at a college/university:

  • Freshman-Juniors must also take at least 2 credit-bearing high school courses (not including PE) per semester via homeschooling or a homeschool co-op
  • Seniors must also take at least 1 credit-bearing high school course (not including PE) per semester via homeschooling or a homeschool co-op

Additional requirements apply to any athlete that plays in a game versus a Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) member team:

  • An athlete must have been homeschooling at least 365 CONSECUTIVE DAYS prior to any game against a MSHSAA member team
  • Any athlete who takes more than two credit-bearing courses at a public or private school (excluding dual-enrollment at a college/university) will not be eligible to play in any game versus a MSHSAA member team

At least 50% of the Chargers varsity games are against MSHSAA member teams.

If you are new to homeschooling or transferring to the Chargers for any reason, you must meet with the Chargers Basketball Director before practicing with your respective team.


Each player is required to pass a Sports Physical prior to the first practice and file a copy with the Chargers. If the player has one on file with the Chargers, it cannot be older than July 1, of the current year.

AGE GROUPS (on September 1 of the current year):

Varsity / 18U - 18 or younger

JV / 16U - 16 or younger

Jr High / 14U - 14 or younger

12U - 12 or younger


$400 – 18U

$350 – 16U

$300 – 14U

$250 – 12U

$100 discount for each player beyond 2 from the same family.

Team fees can be raised through paid sponsorships. Sponsors receive ad space in the Chargers All Sports Annual. A Free-Throw-A-Thon will be scheduled in December as a fundraising opportunity.

PRACTICES (Late October through Mid-March):

Times vary from season to season depending on the availability of coaches and facilities.

Varsity / 18U - 3 times per week

JV / 16U - 3 times per week

Jr High / 14U - 3 times per week

12U - 2 times per week


Each team plays approximately the following number of games.

18U - 35 games

16U - 20 games

14U - 25 games

12U - 20 games

See DIVISION SCHEDULES in the left sidebar for a complete practice and season schedule. The schedule will be posted in mid-October.


The Chargers do not guarantee equal playing time. Playing time is merited based on ability, attitude, game & practice performance. All playing time is awarded at the discretion of the coach(s).


18U / 16U / 14U players will be issued home & away uniforms, a warm-up top, and a practice uniform.

12U players will be issued a reversible jersey, 1 pair of shorts, and a warm-up top.

All other items are the responsibility of each player and must meet the following standards:

  • Shoes and socks must match team colors (Navy Blue, Orange, & White). They may be a solid team color or any combination of team colors.
  • Shirts and leggings worn under the uniform must be plain and match the color of the uniform.
  • Knee pads, arm sleeves, and headbands must be plain and match the color of the uniform, or be black.

Families are required to reimburse the Chargers for replacing lost uniforms while it is in the player's care, and for uniforms ruined by improper laundering.


A parent/legal guardian must accompany players while the team is traveling unless acceptable arrangements have been made in advance. It is the responsibility of each player to make proper travel arrangements. This includes any overnight travel. All teams will have at least one overnight trip to the NCHBC regional tournament in Wichita, Kansas. However, overnight trips are occasionally scheduled during the regular season. The Chargers DO NOT provide a team bus.


All Chargers basketball teams participate in the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Regional and National Tournaments every March. Players are expected to make every effort to participate in these tournaments. While the national tournament is held in Springfield every year, the regional tournament is in Wichita, Kansas. The regional tournament typically requires a 2-3 night hotel stay. Travel expenses are not included in the player's fees but can be raised via the Chargers sponsorship program. Family members are welcome to travel with the team.


The Chargers carry general liability insurance. MEDICAL Insurance is NOT provided.


The Chargers are a volunteer organization. Your help is needed. The Chargers are always in need of people who will: Coach, Assistant Coach, Run Game Clock, Keep Stats, Video Games, Coordinate Fundraisers, Coordinate Concessions & Gate at games, Coordinate year-end parties, and banquets, etc.


The Chargers communicate exclusively through TeamSnap, website, and social media.  Check your email regularly.  If you don’t, you will miss something.